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Budding Business

Prairie Hill Flower Co.

Local family showcases home grown flowers and a blossoming floral business

Lisa Frahm and her husband own the Prairie Hill Flower Co, a local flower farm and florist business.  Lisa started out as an architect and chose to step away from her career to be a stay-at-home mom to be with her children. She and her husband are 

Colorado natives and grew up in the Parker area.

Lisa's grandparents had land when she was growing up, which influenced her desire to live a rural lifestyle. The Frahms always dreamed of having land. When they had a chance, they bought ten acres and build a house that they had dreamed up and Lisa had designed. To change their land to an agricultural zoning, they learned they needed to show agricultural income from their land.

Lisa had always been a big gardener and joked that they could grow flowers for income. That sparked an idea, and it took off from there several years ago!

At the time there were no flower farms in Douglas County. They felt this was something the community lacked. Lisa took flower farm school online and learned the specifics of growing flowers. She is also a certified floral designer. They have learned and changed through their experience in the flower business. They grow all their flowers through the summer on their farm and acquire flowers from other sources during the winter season.

By the next summer their business was starting out and it was perfect timing for the community. Everyone felt isolated and lacked connection after the Covid lock down. Mask restrictions were still in place and the flower farm served as a local place for people of the community to gather outside without needing a mask. It was a special way to share with the community.

Prairie Hill Farm sold flowers to the Parker area and had designated U-pick days to welcome community members to the farm. They began selling custom arrangements for people as well as helping customers arrange flowers from what they picked on the farm.

Lisa shared how Valentine's Day is like the Super Bowl of flower arranging and preparations for the holiday begin in December. Lisa suggests buying flowers that are in season as they add an incredible freshness and variety to bouquets. She also wants to champion support of local shops instead of large companies who are not locally sourced. She appreciates the loyalty from the community and working with other local florists. Lisa shared how flowers bring connections in all times of life: joy, sorrow, loss, or new birth. Being apart of those tender moments is what drives her.


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