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Can't Buy Me Love

Whether you share a box of chocolates with your significant

other, or your significant other is a box of chocolates,

enjoy our Valentine's Day "by the numbers"

Treat Yo' Self

Go ahead and indulge a little. You deserve it.

Get out of bed, look out the window at this beautiful world, then get back in bed.

Go to the Donut House or Crumbl.

Order three typical flavors and three wildcards. Eat them all yourself.

Send yourself flowers and chocolates from a secret admirer. Who says you can't be your own admirer?

Go to Hair Color Xperts for a treatment and pamper yourself.

Donate that book you're never going to finish. It's ok; just skip to the end and pretend you read it

Have professional photos taken of you and your pet. Matching outfits are encouraged.

Redecorate. Rearrange an entire room around a new piece of furniture.

Book a massage at Elements.

Turn off your phone.

Hide it in your sock drawer. Walk away.


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