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How private gyms can help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s January. That means a lot of people are making their New Year’s resolutions, which frequently revolve around health, fitness goals, and behavioral changes. According to new research conducted by OnePoll, it takes just 32 days for the average American to break their resolution, and 68% report 

giving up before that. The biggest reason for breaking  resolutions is lack of self-discipline.

Inclusive,niche gyms have been on  the rise since the pandemic. Big gyms have had trouble regaining customers, while smaller gyms have seen a huge uptick in new clients. This has led to a lot of people making the switch to smaller gyms.

Private facilities offer a sense of community over big gyms. As members at a private facility slowly get to know one another, they start to form a new family, sharing a bond in those training sessions around similar goals. These goals can be to lose weight, get faster, or prepare for an upcoming season/event. The power of community has a huge influence at our facility, Pivotal Sports Performance. We see timid middle- school athletes to busy adults signed up for one time a week, switch to two or three times a week because they want to get more involved in the “community.”

With private facilities forming these communities, the result is accountability! When you start training with the same group of people on a weekly basis, a natural sense of accountability starts to form as they become part of your team. You do not want to let them down. Even when you are tired, busy etc., you end up finding a way to make sure you do not miss your workout because you do not want to let down your “workout family.”

When you are being held accountable, it can force you to stay on track longer and stay consistent. When you reach consistency, you form behavioral changes that lead to healthier habits throughout your life–not just in the gym. Therefore, the consistency makes it easier to last longer than 32 days and keep those New Year’s resolutions going for the long haul! So not only does showing up to workouts help you get closer to your fitness goals, but your actions outside the gym start to change. The way you shop at the grocery store, the restaurants you go to, the choices you make when you are out, are among a long list of other behavior changes that form into new habits when you stay consistent and diligent.  We love

to see behavioral changes when our clients at Pivotal send us pictures of their breakfast or them doing extra work outside of the gym walls.

And when you form these new habits and stay consistent with your workouts, the ultimate prize occurs:

RESULTS! Social media and false advertisements will talk about all types of results that

can happen in two weeks with supplements or fad diets. 

It is not true, nor is it going to help long term health goals. So, if you truly want to stick to your New Year’s resolution, finding a small gym and becoming part of their community is going to hold you accountable and create consistency leading into long term RESULTS!


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