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Editor's Take: Champion Bank

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


In an article from June of this year, FOX business detailed the experience of a small business owner who was frustrated with the process of trying to navigate through the economic trials caused by COVID. He wrestled through the red tape, bureaucracy, and being downright ignored by his large bank as he tried to gain access to the government's relief funds.

As I spoke with local business owners around town, this was an all too often repeated tale. People were fearful of going out of business before they could access the help being offered, just out of their reach. The frustration was obvious and heartbreaking. The big banks with which they thought they had great relationships were now turning their backs on them. People felt helpless.

I compared that to my own experience. To be forthright, we do have accounts with several institutions, including Wells Fargo. But as this process began to come to light, we received some great advice from a trusted advisor to go through a Community Bank for the help.

I reached out to Valerie Holden from Champion Bank, just down the street. Valerie was quick to reassure me that they would do everything they could to help us survive and access the relief funds. She and her staff had been working extremely long hours to accommodate the influx of numerous loan applications streaming in. I could hear in her voice that she was tired, but she had answered my call and made me feel like I was the only client the bank had.

Valerie put me in touch with Mark Truitt to handle our application going forward. Mark walked us through the process, explained timelines and processes to help aid in our application, then followed up with several phone calls and emails throughout the process until we had been accepted and had money in hand.

Despite the difficulties 2020 has brought us, it has also given us insight into some of the great people around us. It has brought to light the resilient spirit of selfless people who serve others. My interaction with Champion Bank was one such encounter. There is good out there; there are champions!


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