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Editor's Take: Expert Exteriors

It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. I was in the middle of mowing my lawn, lost in the song that was filling my headphones. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a loudly-painted truck pull up in front of my house, and a cowboy hat came bounding out from behind it. Annoyed to be interrupted from the euphoria I had entered, I met his smile with a grimace. Isaac Benavidez was just another salesman I would quickly send packing.

He made his pitch that day about my needing a new roof. I was courteous, but blunt, and went back to mowing. Over the next several weeks we had several conversations, got many bids, and finally decided to let Isaac get us scheduled. I was still unsure about this "cowboy" and his salesman promises.

We met one morning to sign the paperwork and make our contractual union official. As he sat at our kitchen table, he began to tell us about himself — where he was from, what he had been through, and how he had gotten here. I was entranced by his story and impressed by his openness and candor. But more than that, I was set at ease by the genuine and

humble nature of his character. Isaac Benavidez was no longer just a salesman.

Our materials were delivered, Isaac's crew knocked out the new roof in just over a day, and they cleaned up and were gone. I went outside to inspect the project and pick up a few of the nails that had inevitably been missed. Just then, that same loudly- painted truck pulled up; out jumped Isaac. He was there to pick up nails, too. He has stopped by several times since the end of the project, following up to make sure we are exactly happy with what was done.

I love good customer service. I think it is in short supply these days, and I will champion anyone who gives their all and has integrity in their business dealings. Isaac Benavidez is just such a man. And we are not the only ones that think so. We had people stop as they drove by and saw his sign in our yard to tell us about their personal experience with Isaac. All glowing reports. I have since referred him to neighbors myself and will continue to do so. Isaac is not just another salesman. He is our friend.


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