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Editor's Take: Modern Plate

How the world eats is changing dramatically. Not long ago, restaurant-quality meal delivery was still largely limited to foods such as pizza and Chinese. Nowadays, food delivery has become a staple of everyday life. Lockdowns and physical distancing requirements early on in the pandemic gave the category an enormous boost, with delivery becoming a lifeline for the hurting restaurant industry. Moving forward, it is poised to remain a permanent fixture in the dining landscape. Among the most opportunistic fields in this arena is that of the "meal kit" genre: measured ingredients delivered to your doorstep, ready to prepare and cook. They took us one step closer to having the convenience of a food delivery service and the piece of mind of a healthy meal option. But you still had to cook it yourself. Along came Modern Plate. A local company headquartered in our own back yard, Modern Plate is completing the evolution of the dinner table. Coupled with the convenience of food delivery, their healthy, chef-created meals come ready to warm and eat. No prep, no cooking. Just heat and serve. Their slogan is "Busy days deserve great food." And they have structured their business model to meet that belief. With same-day delivery(if ordered before10 am), a busy schedule and lack of planning are no obstacle. Having a large family, I also love that all meals are geared towards families, easily feeding four adults. Because with six kids, every day is a busy day. Unlike other meal kit companies, Modern Plate is not subscription based. You don't have to be a member, pay monthly fees, or have minimum orders. There is no commitment. Do they have our attention now? But one of my favorite things about this company is something you and I will never even see. It's the way they give back to our community. A percentage of all revenue is given to their Families Feeding Families program – giving back to our community by partnering with non-profits who care for at-risk families. Awesome. Not all meal kit companies are the same. And Modern Plate is separating themselves as the frontrunner.


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