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It Takes A Village

When a burst pipe forced over 300 children to evacuate their classrooms, they found refuge from the bitter cold with help from a neighbor.

photos provided by LEGACY POINT ELEMENTARY

It was a freezing, cold morning on Friday, March 11, when a pipe burst and water began pouring into the Legacy Point Elementary commons area. The fire alarm was pulled and everyone quickly headed out of the building, leaving laptops, coats, and bags in classrooms. When they made it outside students, teachers, and staff were greeted by 10° weather.

President Dave Crandall, part of the local leadership for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, received a call regarding the stranded group. He invited them to take shelter in one of the church’s Parker buildings on French Creek Avenue, next door to the school. Kristin Drury, principal for Legacy Point, noted that nearly 50 adults and 300 students walked down the hill to the church building. In this act of kindness, they were able to stay warm and comfortable during the next three hours while parents made arrangements to pick up their children.

Students were split into grades and spread out on the floor of the gym and other large classrooms in the church building. Teachers drew on chalk boards to explain what had happened in the school and answered questions about pipes. A movie projector also helped to keep little ones occupied.

President Crandall shared some tender moments, like when a boy seeking comfort asked for some scriptures. Another boy pointed to a large painting of Jesus Christ on the wall and said, “Isn’t this His church?” to which the answer was yes. Then the boy asked, “But didn’t he die?” President Crandall responded, “Yes, he did, but he came back to life.” There were many parents to greet in the foyer as they picked up their children. They expressed gratitude and shared how much this experience meant to them. It is wonderful to see a community coming together in hard times!


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