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  • Amber Tueller

Olympic (Sized) Inspirations

I love to watch the Olympics! We gather around the tv each night to watch together, to track the medal count, and to see the recaps of what we’ve missed. It is so exciting to cheer for our country and for our athletes. I especially love to watch the emotion on their faces while on the medal podium, listening to our national anthem. To see the exultant joy and tears of relief is such a treat. I love to hear about each athlete’s story, about their family, their home, where they come from. We learn about their injuries, their challenges, what they have overcome and how much they have gone through to accomplish their dream and meet their goals! It reminds me how much we have in common. The Olympics is an exciting time to be inspired. They remind me to work harder and to keep going each step toward my dreams and goals. Go Team USA!

What is your favorite Olympic event?

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