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  • Amber Tueller

Plunking Through Life Looking for His Help and Grace

Throughout the last 15 months since Covid hit, our church congregation has been split into quarters. Due to restrictions, we have not all been able to meet together. Each Sunday one part of the congregation has met in-person while the others have watched on Zoom. Because of this, we have needed to have different pianists for each group attending. With a limited number of pianists, the task fell to me to play at least once a month. I can play the piano, but I am certainly not a very accomplished pianist. I have practiced at home on a regular basis to become more comfortable with the notes and summoned the courage to play monthly in front of our group. I have made many mistakes, my fingering or nerves affecting me while playing for the smaller congregation, but we have had music, which is a blessing. My sweet friend told me one day that she really appreciated when I play and sent me this beautifully worded text:

"I think the words I should have used are: it makes sacrament meeting a tender and humble experience. We are all imperfect and come because we are trying to be better. We all have our mistakes. Maybe we are a little off tune from where we would like to be; maybe our tempo and pace is not where we want it to be or we struggle seeing that others' pace in the gospel seems perfect. But we are all there, coming to the Lord for his help and grace. You, my friend, help sacrament to be such a humble and spiritual experience for us as we are all plunking through life one note, measure, or line at a time. Thank you for sharing your talent. It is greatly appreciated. "

I love her kindness and and way she explained this parallel, so I asked her if I could share it. God bless us all on our way to becoming more in tune with Him!


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