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An apple a day ... sometimes isn't enough. We are fortunateto live in an area with tremendous medical advantages. We look at a few hidden gems you won't find just anywhere.

Feet, Ankle or Knee Pain - Go see the running store ?!

I had heard a little about RNK's ability to help runners who struggle with pain in their feet and joints. So I went in to meet with Trent and find out just how helpful they can be. I came away with a whole new appreciation for my arches. To call RNK a "running store" doesn't do it justice; they are more of a "people who love to be active" store. If you run, hike,crosstrain, walk, or play a sport, these are the people you want to talk to. I was blown away by the knowledge of Trent and his staff; they have forgotten more about this stuff than I will ever know. Trent took me through the process of analyzing my feet, gait, and stride. He asked questions about my injuries, goals, and activity level. Then he taught me about supination and pronation, how shoe designers combat them, and made suggestions of how you can use that technology to ease your pain. The best thing about my visit: I didn't feel like

an idiot because of my lack of knowledge. Trent and his staff are so focused on helping their customers they don't have time to shame people. I watched from afar as Cecilia and Rachel were helping other customers. The personal attention was obvious. For all of their knowledge and technology, the people are what set RNK apart. Despite his obvious accumen and experience in the field, Trent continually gushed about his staff and the Brownings (owners). For someone like myself who does not claim to be a runner, I loved this store. Having someplace like this in our community is such a valuable resource for us all.

Hope is stronger than fear

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, located in the Meridian International Business Center, in Parker Colorado, is part of a cutting edge industry that keeps up with all the latest technology to help couples and individuals wanting to be parents have the best chance of conceiving. Dr. Deborah Smith describes some of their newest advancements and unique offerings as “top notch fertility care,”giving patients the very best chance of being successful. One of Rocky Mountain Fertility Center’s new services is the Invocell culture device. This product holds the egg and sperm inside a plastic capsule which is placed in a woman’s body for fertilization and incubation, allowing for more personal involvement in the IVF process. It also offers a simpler schedule and lower cost option than traditional in vitro fertilization. Egg freezing has been around for many years now, but the technology has improved so it is more successful than it was 5 years ago. Egg freezing allows a woman the chance to preserve the youth of her eggs, to be unfrozen at a later time when she has found Mr. Right and is ready for children. Another advancement is an uterine lining test that looks for the genes producedin the uterus when it is ready for implantation of the embryo. This provides a personalized window for implantation, allowing for the right timing of an IVF transfer. The last innovation that Dr. Smith described is the study of “vaginal and uterine health” and how lactibacillus (healthy bacteria) can contribute to uterine health and increase fertility, similar to how probiotics help your gut health. These advancements can help hopeful parents.

A SMILE is the best thing you can wear

Running Creek Dental Center's Dr. O'Neill spent many years as an Inspector General in the Army and over 20 years in private practice. He learned first-hand about aerosol control (full of germs - so you want it gone!). He developed and built a revolutionary new building in Elizabeth with 18' ceilings that combat the germ problem. Their negative air pressure system can change out the air about every 7 minutes, creating a safer environment for procedures.

Their Cone Beam X-Ray is amazing! It creates a 3-D image of your mouth structure along with the surrounding bone. This gives Dr. O'Neill the ability to see things that are often missed: root canals that are going bad, but haven't yet produced any symptoms; abscesses that are just developing, but no real symptoms yet. He can see your sinus cavity and jaw alignment as well. This enables him to perform root canals with much more precision, thus, often shortening the procedure, which makes for a better patient experience. All of this to nip a problem in the bud rather than have it wait and blow up when you're about to board that plane for Cabo.

Their Lightwalker Laser is as cool as its name! Used in root canals, (which often have a high failure rate connected to residual bacteria inside the canal), it can clean down the canal much more efficiently than normal methods, reducing the possibility of a failure.The laser is also used for tissue regeneration and cankersores! How about fillings with no anesthetic? The laser makes that possible! And they can do periodontal disease treatment without surgery.

They also make their own crowns in-house, which means one visit crowns, no messy, goopy impressions, no temporaries. You're in and out with a new crown in an hour or two!


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