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Spring in Your Step

Six simple ways to freshen up your home for spring

  1. Bright and Green - Bring fresh greens or bright flowers onto your patio and into your kitchen to enjoy the beauties of the season. Use a vase, a pitcher, a canning jar; it doesn’t need to be fancy. Even begin preparing your seedling starts for the garden. Brighten up your space and celebrate the Earth waking up again.

  2. Spring Scent - Light a candle, melt a new wax fragrance, or bake some fresh favorites to bring spring feelings and memories to mind. Strawberry shortcake, lemon bread, blueberry muffins, lilac, or lavender are sure to work. This simple trick will signal the start of spring to an additional sense - our sense of smell, which triggers our nostalgia and brings special memories back.

  3. Front Door Wreath - The simple but beautiful circle and color of a wreath will bring cheer to your front door. It is a pleasant welcome to neighbors and will enliven your curb appeal. The circle is also reminiscent of Easter worship as a Christian symbol of eternal life.It is an ancient tradition marking honor and celebration.

  4. Pillows - Add light, bright, or floral-printed pillows to change up your decorations and lighten up your rooms after the heavy winter colors. Animal silhouettes and scenes can deliver a touch of whimsy and fun. Soft or textured fabric will add interest to our sense of touch and comfort to our furniture.

  5. Ceramic or Stone Animal - Spring brings new life to nature, with animals coming out in abundance. It is exciting to see baby animals and nests with tiny eggs. Incorporate these cute little friends into a table display or front porch. A bunny, bird, frog, or other little creature will serve as a darling decoration.

  6. Open your windows! - Through long winter months, we missed thebreeze coming in, the sounds of birds in the trees, and kids playing outside. Open up and feel the beginning of outdoor weather again! Let in the fresh air to circulate and improve the air quality throughout your home. Open two windows to get a cross breeze. Maybe you can have a few weeks with no heating or AC costs.


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