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Summer's Last Call

Summer is a unique season when families are together and we all get to enjoy some extra time outside. Summer is filled with sunny days, vacations, and magical evenings in the beautiful air and longer light. We are enjoying the last few weeks of summer now.

The fleeting of summer is like the stages in our life. They pass so quickly.

After five months of having your children home, it may feel like summer will never end.  And while you may not want to hear the old adage that 'they grow up in the blink of an eye', from this mom's perspective, they truly do.This picture is of my kids at a beautiful lake in Utah called Bear Lake. It was taken quite a few years ago. I love to remember these darling, smiling faces. Now my oldest is almost 21 and my youngest is 13! How time flies. Sometimes it’s hard in the moment to treasure each era, but before we know it, we’ll be on to another.

I’m trying to enjoy our stage now. It’s been wonderful to have everyone back home for a time. We are enjoying our last few weeks together before our older kids head off to college. Sigh.

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