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The Bell Still Rings for Those Who Believe

We asked some of our younger readers what they love about the holidays.

"I l-ove the holidays because I get to spend time with my whole extended family and I love the traditions."

Owen, age 9

I love everything about the holidays! I have so much fun spending time with family and friends. I enjoy decorating our house and especially the Christmas tree. I also like to go sledding, play in the snow, and drink hot chocolate.

Kiley, age 9

"My favorite part of the holidays is the warmth and love it brings me. During this time of year, all of my older siblings come home, and we can be together as a family."

Annie, age 14

"Because we get to eat candy canes."

Brielle, age 5

"The greatest gift of all this holiday season for me is a loving family, Christmas music, and close friends."

Kyle, age 12

I love the presents and Elf on the shelf. I like new pajamas because they are merry. Christmas lights on the house is also my favorite. I think it looks beautiful and it makes me feel great!

Vienna, age 12

"I love eating cookies,opening presents, and decorating the house for Christmas. It’s fun, and helps the house look pretty,and it makes me feel like Christmas inside."

Evelyn, age 6

14 "My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with family and all of our traditions! Our traditions really make the holidays so special! One of my favorite traditions is picking out a Christmas tree and putting all the decorations on while we listen to Christmas music!"


Savvy, age 20

"I love driving around and seeing all the Christmas lights and spending much needed time at home with my family over break!"

Dalton, age 17

I love the holidays because they are so fun. They last a long time and you get to celebrate. And I get to play with my cousins and spend time with my family.

Sloan, age 8

10 I love when the family is together. It just feels special because everyone is happy. The world just seems like a better place.
Titan, age 15

I love decorating with my family and drinking hot cocoas with the fire on! Oh, and stringing popcorn.

Shelly, age 5

"I love when we all get together and bake. My aunts come over and we make the best treats for the holidays. We also open a present on Christmas Eve and it's always pajamas."

Ruby, age 10

My favorite thing about Christmas is the presents and our elf, Snuggles, who brings us books.

Jamie, age 3

What I love about the holidays is the love and opportunites our community offers to anyone seeking joy and excitement this time of year.

Cayden, age 16


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