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This or That? The Results are In!

We asked for your opinions and we were thrilled with your responses!

  • Pizza or Hamburger? Pizza won out, winning with 60% of voters choosing pizza.

  • Donuts or Bagels 60% of voters chose bagels.

  • Cake or Pie 66% chose cake.

  • Breakfast or Brunch It was a close race, but breakfast won out with 53% of voters.

  • Coca Cola or Pepsi Coca Cola and Pepsi were split right down the middle with 50% of voters choosing each.

  • Wendy’s or McDonald’s Wendy’s won with 66% of votes.

  • Ice cream or Shaved ice Ice cream won with a huge lead, capturing 86% of the votes.

  • Domino’s or Pizza Hut Domino’s won out with 74% of votes.

  • Cafe Rio or Chipotle Chipotle was an obvious favorite with 64% of votes.

  • Vacation or Staycation

  • Vacation was chosen by 87% of voters.

  • Island or Big City 60% of voters chose an island getaway.

  • Adventure or Relaxation Adventure won with 54%.

  • Ocean or Mountain Ocean won with 72% of the votes.

  • Netflix or Hulu Netflix took 78% of the votes.

  • Sleep in or Wake early 62% of voters said they prefer waking up early.

  • Jog or Hike Hiking was a huge winner with 93% of votes.

  • TV or Book TV was a favorite with 78% of votes.

  • Family time or Alone time Family time and alone time were split right down the middle.

  • Dog or Cat Dogs won out with 66% of votes.

  • Marvel or DC Comics 94% of voters chose Marvel.

  • Call or Text Texting was a favorite with 66%.

  • Bath or Shower 80% of voters prefer a shower.

  • Maxi Skirt or Mini skirt Maxi skirt won out with 56%.

  • Day or Night Day had a sure win with 67% of votes.

  • Cardio or Weights Weights took 65% of votes.

  • Flats or Heels 57% of voters chose flats.

  • Silver or Gold Silver beat gold with 57%.

  • Mac or PC PC won with 58%.

  • Toilet Paper Over or Toilet Paper Under Toilet paper over was chosen by 100% of voters.

  • Chevy or Ford With a narrow win, 51% of voters chose Ford.

  • Suit or Sport Coat Sport coat was a sure favorite with 80% of votes.

Thank you so much for all those who participated!


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