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What to My Wondering Eyes

Alexa Nugent brings the Christmas spirit through her decorating business

Stepping into Alexa Nugent’s front door, I was greeted with a big hug and a beautiful glimmering pink Christmas tree. Alexa’s family with four daughters started the pink tree years ago when they had just moved from Colorado to Texas. They were feeling homesick for Colorado and decided to decorate a tree with some of their special memories. This cherished tradition continues to return each year with additions from their life. It holds precious memories and ornaments representing Alexa’s husband, daughters, their family, friends, and even a special dog. This local business owner of Design for the Holidays shows off her passion for Christmas. We had the chance to witness Christmas in her own home during an exclusive tour. How did she get her start? While in college, Alexa first helped her professor's wife decorate multiple trees and has continued bringing Christmas cheer to homes ever since. A wreath class at the Texas home superstore, Garden Ridge, also helped push her into the decorating business.

While visiting, we asked Alexa about her inspiration, choices, and tricks. She loves moving lights and how they make the tree feel like it is breathing and moving with you.

Clear string micro buds are her go to for lights, adding a twinkling strand to every tree to help it glisten. As for clever tricks, strapping a tree to a false shelf inside a pedestal box increases the tree’s height and gets ornaments up off the floor. Alexa is a forever do-it- yourselfer, including flocking her own tree or cutting out pre lit wires! She takes found items and repurposes them with paint and adornment. She combines partial trees or garlands into something beautiful and custom made.

Helping clients has helped her love Christmas even more. She starts out detached enough from each client tree that she can put it together quickly, but by the end becomes emotionally invested. Trees represent memories to her, and each family’s special story is told through their Christmas tree and treasured ornaments. Alexa said she decorates her own home each year before starting on clients’ homes to savor the joy of pulling out the first Christmas touches. The Christmas spirit is evident in her beautiful home.


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